First trucks roll into Nordel Way truck parking facility

November 22, 2016

''With so much of our economy relying on the movement of goods via truck, this facility is an important addition to our transportation infrastructure,'' said Stone. ''This is a safe, convenient place where drivers can take a break or grab a rest, and provides a good option for those who would otherwise park on a local street.''

The new truck-parking facility is located on Nordel Way at Highway 91 in Delta, across from the Nordel commercial vehicle inspection facility. The facility has room for up to 40 heavy trucks to park overnight and includes lighting, washrooms, garbage cans and a sani-dump. Construction began in August, with work contracted to BD Hall Construction.

''Delta's location is key in the transport of goods throughout the Lower Mainland and we are building some of the most efficient roadways to accommodate this,'' said Hamilton. ''These projects are specifically designed to help keep our local traffic moving along without being impacted by the increase in truck traffic. I'm excited to see this latest project completed as it is another crucial piece to the overall transportation plan for the region.''

This facility at Nordel Way and Highway 91 is the first of at least two new truck-parking facilities, as committed in B.C. on the Move, the Province's 10-year transportation plan. Evaluations continue for a second facility in the Lower Mainland.

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